Troubleshooting Session and Merchant ID Discrepancies in the Compliance Check System

This meeting among the State Changers involved a detailed technical problem-solving session. Participants worked on resolving an issue in a code sequence relating to the handling of merchant session IDs and session IDs generated by Tosevo.

The problem was that the merchant session ID did not log into the database during the fixing of the session. A solution was discussed where both the merchant session ID and the session ID would be passed as arguments to the function, keeping them separate to handle different jobs. Modifications were made in the code lines to reflect this. The effectiveness of this solution was then tested using API keys on a happy path—one where the scenario works—and an unhappy path—or a breaking path. After some troubleshooting, they successfully resolved the error logging bottleneck, essential for the flow of money. Recurring discussion points in the meeting included the importance of understanding functional programming principles applicable to both code and no-code environments, the importance of error handling for billing systems, and the efficacy of JavaScript for their tasks.

(Source: Office Hours 3/10 )

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