Troubleshooting Stripe Payment Integration with Xano

Meeting Summary:

The meeting discussion revolves around problems encountered by one of the State Changers, Eddie, while trying to set up Stripe payments and getting the session ID into a table using Xano. Eddie's challenge is to convert a checkout process into a user subscription and he is not sure how to do it. The team provides guidance on how to correctly configure Stripe webhooks and endpoints to get the relevant information needed for the task. They explore the transaction outputs in Stripe, focusing on the events triggered after a checkout session is completed. They underscore the importance of selecting the appropriate event notifications in the webhook configuration to receive the necessary data. The meeting's central advice hinges on separating handling procedures for the two transactions: when a person bought a product, and when the same person subscribed to it. They suggest using two different endpoints on Xano for each transaction, focusing on the fact that it appears subscription notifications come in before purchase notifications. Concluding the meeting, the team expressed confidence that they have equipped Eddie with the necessary tools to move forward with configuring Stripe payments using Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 7/21 )

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