Troubleshooting SVG Image Limitations and Alternatives

In this engaging meeting among the State Changers, participants discussed challenges around using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images in their applications. The main issue pertained to difficulties in manipulating an SVG's color property, specifically when an SVG image is stored on DigitalOcean.

The discussion revolved around different approaches to bringing in the SVG images or icons, such as using the HTML element and the SVG code to render images. Limitations were reached due to how the images rendered, forcing the team to explore alternative methods. One participant suggested using a mask, supported by major browsers, as an alternate way of importing the SVG instead of appending an HTML. It was noted that directly inserting SVG into the page could be resource-intensive, causing the browser to render large amounts of text. By contrast, referencing an SVG by having it inside an image or as the background of a div allows for the heavy lifting to be performed at the next level of rendering, which can be more efficient. Possible variances in how images render when loaded directly versus loaded with an image were also discussed. SVG manipulations were considered achievable, but with some limitation. The State Changers concluded that despite some restrictions, most of the desired actions like icon customizations should still be manageable.

(Source: Office Hours 10/23/2023 )

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