Troubleshooting Table References and Array Handling in Xano with OpenAI Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss how to add a table reference to an array list using the OpenAI API. The focus was on managing keywords associated with customer feedback which were stored in a different table called 'keywords'. The goal was to create an array for each reason citing the IDs of the keywords.

The State Changers walked through using the Xano database structure and how to add to the list by taking the previous list, mutating it by adding an element, then pushing the whole list back in. They discussed the way databases think where each field is its own thing that can be replaced with a new one. The point was made that to make additions one needs to account for the previous list plus new elements. By observing how Xano and databases work, the team suggested looking at more sophisticated management of arrays by creating variable based on the reason, performing array manipulations and pushing it into the edit record. This approach gives room for business logic without introducing repeats. It was advised to give the array manipulations room to breathe for more efficient management. The meeting concluded with encouragement for the participants to familiarize themselves with the array manipulations in dealing with more complex types like JSON types or objects in order to move faster in manipulations. It is noted that interacting with complex types requires an understanding and command of the process.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18/2023 AM )

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