Troubleshooting the Stripe checkout process and integrating it with Xano

In this meeting, Ray and the participant discuss an issue with implementing the Stripe checkout for courses. The participant shares their screen and explains that the checkout process was previously working, but now it doesn't create a new user in the booking user database when the user's status is paid. They review the webhook API and discuss how to retrieve the user ID from the webhook data. They also explore using customer email as a reference to find the user and suggest creating a customer in Stripe to attach relevant information to it. They talk about adding a record to the user's booking session and the need to cross-reference it with the product the user purchased. They discuss retrieving session and line item information from Stripe and using it to update the bookings. They conclude the meeting by deciding to use Stripe as the source of truth and store all relevant information in Xano. The participant plans to try out the suggested solutions and update tomorrow.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/24 )

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