Troubleshooting Timestamp Function and Status Calculation Issues

The State Changers' meeting dived into a issue with an item's status being determined by time stamps when created. The problem was that items would show as expiring soon despite being set to expire on the same day they were created. The State Changers found that a mathematical function in the code was causing this issue and proceeded to debug it. They elaborated on where the issue stemmed; a difference in day calculations, with negative and zero values influencing whether an item was marked as expired or expiring soon. Carl, one of the State Changers, suggested adjusting the if statement in the function to also account for when the difference is equal to zero. They proceeded to explain how to adjust the logic regarding the if-else statements to accurately depict an item's status. After the changes, they tested the function again, showing that the new logic correctly marked items as expired on the same day they were created. No specific tools or technologies were mentioned in the meeting transcript.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15/2023 )

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