Troubleshooting Timestamp Issues and Data Transfer in WeWeb and Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers were assisting a team member, Carrie, with some issues related to time stamps and date formatting in a website development. The software products mentioned in the discussion included "Xano" and "WeWeb". Most of the conversation focused on resolving a specific problem with a date-time value that was not being correctly parsed and displayed on the website.

This was due in part to discrepancies in time-zone representation and the non-standard method by which the date information was being represented and passed between different components of the website. These issues were being encountered particularly between JavaSript objects and the front-end display. The group collectively worked through iterations to correct the date-time submission problem, suggesting changes in the way WeWeb was translating the timestamp, exploring use of different JavaScript functions, and considering potential effects of time-zone differences. The value of this meeting is in understanding the intricacies of handling and formatting date-time data for compatibility between different systems, programming languages such as Javascript, and user interfaces in web development. Concerns about timezone translation are clearly reflected here, showing the importance of considering the locality of different users when displaying temporal data. This is particularly crucial viewing for anyone dealing with similar issues in web development, especially when using "Xano" and "WeWeb".

(Source: Office Hours 2/10 )

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