Troubleshooting Twilio Integration and Authentication Issues in Bubble Plugin

In this meeting, the State Changers worked on addressing an authorization issue with Twilio experienced by one of the participants. They worked with Twilio and Bubble integration, troubleshooting errors from both services. The authorization error appeared to be due to an authentication issue where the error messages indicated that the methods attempted by the participant to solve the issue were failing. They found that their Bubble plugin might not be successfully interacting with Twilio.

Key discussions revolved around the participants' attempt to verify authorizations using a bearer token, working with keys, auto-accounts, authentication tokens, the function of the network tab and its failure to indicate any network problems, and troubleshooting workflows in the video chat component of Bubble. Insights on authorization with APIs were also shared, involving Twilio's interaction with webhooks. The team also discovered that the video source error may be because the participant's camera was in use by another service (Zoom) which was blocking Twilio's request to use it. Towards the end, they suggested the participant double-check the credentials - tokens and keys - for any hidden issues and discuss further towards the end of the meeting. No solutions were confirmed and the meeting seemed to end with the situation still pending resolution.

(Source: Office Hours 9/18/2023 )

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