Troubleshooting UNIX Time Conversion and Formatting for WeWeb and Xano Integration

The State Changers meeting revolved around solving a problem related to time and date formatting between two software tools - Xano and WeWeb.

The focus was on an item from Xano, associated with dates, which was being converted into UNIX time for processing on the frontend of WeWeb. The State Changers identified that the item in Xano was stored as timestamps, negating the need for formatting when transferring data. Instead, the suggestion was to transfer the data in its native timestamp format. Due to issues while trying to format the timestamp on WeWeb, the State Changers decided to create a custom formula in WeWeb, which would convert the timestamp to a more readable date and time format. The key point was to allow the timestamp to display its value based on the user's local timezone. Notably, the meeting included a hands-on demonstration of how to create a custom formula in WeWeb, using JavaScript's date and time locale features. The custom formula was then used on WeWeb to convert the UNIX time into a user-friendly date format. This meeting is important for anyone facing similar challenges in aligning date or time data between Xano and WeWeb, especially with a need to adapt to different time zones dynamically. Also, it showcased the fundamental understanding required for working with timestamps and creating custom formulas in WeWeb. Keywords mentioned in this meeting include Xano, WeWeb, JavaScript, and UNIX.

(Source: Office Hours 9/20 )

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