Troubleshooting Upload Issues in WeWeb and Discussing Future of No-Code Tools

During this State Changers meeting, the main topic of discussion revolved around how to make upload care work within a platform using WeWeb. Different tools, including Bubble, Integromat and Zapier were touched upon, with the main focus on Bubble and WeWeb.

The participant talked about struggling with upload care and certain aspects of WeWeb, particularly implementing an upload button for users to upload their content to the platform. They showcased a prototype of the web page, highlighting the need for a pop-up window that allows users to select where they want to upload content. Discussion also touched upon other tools like FlutterFlow, DraftBit, and Microsoft's Power Tools suite, including Power Automate and Power Apps. A bigger theme during the conversation was the increasing prevalence of AI in coding and the threat it poses to traditional visual development systems. Lastly, the participant was then guided through the process of porting their upload functionality from Bubble over to WeWeb. Steps included pulling the needed HTML and JavaScript from Bubble, then implementing it into WeWeb, adjusting as needed, and testing the function through publishing. Overall, the discussion was a hands-on case study on problem-solving within the realm of no-code and low-code platforms and tools. It would be valuable for individuals interested in understanding the challenges and solutions related to integrating and porting functions among platforms such as WeWeb and Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 10/10/2023 )

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