Troubleshooting User Authentication and Data Sync Issues in Xano and WeWeb Platforms

The State Changers meeting was mainly focused on addressing a login/logout issue in WeWeb that affected data integrity based on different user contexts. Specific software tools mentioned were "Xano" and "WeWeb". The participants' issue was that after logging out and logging in as a different user, the tool was not returning the correct data specific to that user. The user was authenticated correctly, however, the data still appeared to be associated with the previous user.

The main part of the meeting was focused on an interactive troubleshooting session in which experiments were done to resolve the error. They questioned the caching of data and tried to reset variable values post logout, however, this did not resolve the issue. The participants then came up with the idea to use custom JavaScript to "flush" the page's runtime memory by forcibly reloading the page during logout. The JavaScript-based solution seemed to resolve the issue though it was not deemed an optimal solution. The participants noted that the refresh, in interaction with the editor, might cause problems. Towards the end of the meeting, there was also a discussion around token handling and the backend interactions when switching users. The participants pondered how to determine if a user’s token is expired and considered that such backend interactions may be a source of the issue. Ultimately, they decided that backend systems can only respond to what they are given - if a token is expired, Xano should reject it automatically. The meeting ended with the understanding that further tests and verification of the found solution were needed by checking if things work better on published platforms. However, it's clear that this meeting was incredibly important for anyone dealing with similar login/logout issues in WeWeb with user data derived from Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 1/23 )

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