Troubleshooting User Login Issues and Implementing Event Logs for Improved System Diagnostics

The State Changers meeting centred around troubleshooting a login issue one of the developers, Evan, was encountering with a user on the XANO dashboard. The user was unable to log into their account even though the account exists and is properly set up. While reviewing the system logs, Evan came across a series of error messages including a 501, 401, and 403 error. However, he was unsure what these messages meant or which system flows they're linked to.

A secondary issue discussed was an inconsistency with an attendance chart in the system. Sometimes it would load correctly, while at other times, it would not load at all. The key recommendation from the discussion centered around implementing an Event Log. This feature facilitates tracking of actions in the system, helping developers diagnose issues when they occur. By recording these actions, developers can better understand the issue by reviewing what operations were carried out in the system leading up to the event. This includes logging details about the state of the system, such as user data, input received, and any error messages. They also explored the concept of wrapping the event-logging process within a custom function for greater control and flexibility. This would abstract it from the system and create the possibility of forwarding the logs to different destinations. This is seen as a more sophisticated approach appropriate for more complex applications, but it was emphasized that the simpler direct record-adding approach is sufficient for many use cases. At the end of the meeting, the group agreed to continue pursuing this issue at another time, with the approach identified as a good place to start.

(Source: Office Hours 8/23/2023 )

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