Troubleshooting User Profile Picture Integration and Authentication in Xano and Bravo Applications

The State Changers had a meeting focusing primarily on resolving technical issues related to the use of Xano, Bravo, and Auth0. The main goal was to achieve a smooth integration of these three tech solutions and ensure an effective application functioning.

One primary issue raised was sharing the page action in Bravo Studio. They discussed the idea of deep linking and custom schemes including advantages and limitations. The discussion emphasized ensuring that the custom scheme used is accessible to the application and provides the needed functionality. The State Changers also encountered a challenge regarding user profile features, more specifically the inclusion of user's profile picture. They were figuring out how to retrieve a profile picture from a signed-in user via Auth0 and display it in the app built with Bravo Studio. The main NavPoint was that, although the team had succeeded in using authentication via Bravo and Auth0, they were struggling with pulling user data from Xano for the authenticated user. An interesting aspect pointed out was that sometimes a user’s details were not saved in the correct manner within the Xano database. The session ended with the advice to revisit and review the OAuth Zero Xano Integration documentation and focus on ensuring the connection between Auth0 and Xano properly reflected the user data. The user picture issue would be efficiently addressed once the user data issue is resolved.

(Source: Office Hours 9/16 )

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