Troubleshooting User Registration and Token Validation in Xano

The meeting was centered around discussing a registration process for an app. The participant explained their experience with the registration process, including using a magic link and encountering issues with undefined variables and console errors. They identified the problem in line 34 and received guidance on how to fix it by removing unnecessary code. The participant then explained their intended logic for the registration process, which involved directing registered users to log in and sending an email to new users. There was a question about the best way to display a page after clicking the email link, whether it should be the registration page or another page with an additional message. The suggestion was made to separate the aesthetics of the page from the mechanics and focus on the desired behavior. It was also mentioned that the user will need to click on a link to validate their registration. Finally, the participant acknowledged the suggestions and mentioned fixing the mentioned problem before moving on.

(Source: Office Hours 3/20 )

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