Troubleshooting Variables and Workflow in WeWeb and Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed how to optimize the user experience in a web application. The formers' challenges fell under two major categories: managing data interactivity and improving search functionality.

The first part of the meeting involved assisting Adam, a user facing trouble with a checkbox functionality in his "WeWeb" project. The problem lay in replacing an array with a non-array number, which in turn, prevented the checkboxes from working correctly. The proposed solution was to wrap the number in an array. For a more streamlined toggling effect, the discussants recommended using a button with two icons that could switch based on conditional rendering, instead of a checkbox. In a different scenario, Adam was struggling to effectively pull relational data into a collections list. After some deliberation, it was suggested that he uses add-ons in "Xano" to load data into the application's frontend. In particular, the add-ons would simplify data connections to additional work history. However, it was noted that this solution may need to be reassessed if it starts significantly slowing down the platform, especially when handling large data. Overall, the meeting revolved around enhancing user experience by refining the functionality of the application, with topics including variable manipulation, effective usage of data structures, and optimizing the functionality of form-related elements on "WeWeb".

(Source: Office Hours 9/6/2023 )

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