Troubleshooting Vue.js Custom Component Integration with WeWeb

In the State Changers meeting, the main discussion revolved around developing a custom component using Vue.js, with a specific focus on integrating it within the WeWeb context. The team was addressing Anthony's confusion with Vue.js, and the process of using packages within WeWeb.

A variety of platforms, interestingly including 'WeWeb', were discussed with specifics on their functionality and integration with other systems. Therefore, this meeting is highly relevant for individuals working with 'WeWeb' and interested in integrating custom components using 'Vue.js'. The most valuable information from this meeting includes: 1. When preparing your scripts within Vue files, imports go at the top and exports always go at the bottom. This follows the logic of JavaScript processing from inputs to outputs. 2. The discussion emphasized the importance of working within the correct context when working with a monorepo; one repository containing multiple projects. The team used npm commands to ensure they were in the correct context. 3. There's a process for incorporating dependencies within a WeWeb component: Start with the WeWeb scaffolding and then bring in the dependencies. 4. The team utilized npm run serve to get the project up and running in the dev editor. While no results were achieved during the meeting, steps were taken to address Anthony's confusion and the process of creating a custom component in WeWeb using Vue.js was discussed in detail. The meeting ended with an agreement to reconvene and continue working on this in the next session.

(Source: Office Hours 9/6/2023 )

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