Troubleshooting Web Token, Page Load and API Integration Issues

This meeting among State Changers discussed the issue of a missing link token in the context of web development, with tools like WeWeb mentioned.

Key points include: - Acknowledging the problem that WeWeb was expecting a link token, but it was not available as a URL parameter. - Discovery that the page load is fetching the link token and calling corporate API solutions, the WiWeb transport key and the user ID. - Identified that WeWeb expected the creation of a dynamic path page, and its inability to display without a link token. But it was determined that they might not need the link token, so they proceeded without it. - They attempted to build a URL which led to a 404 error, prompting them to try navigating to a different page. It was suggested that republishing might solve this issue. - Tested a function that should trigger an alert on success. The function got stuck in the process, and they noted they should be seeing a pop-up alert on successful link creation. - A discussion on documentation of the web development process took place, with mention of an issue with Klaviyo. - The meeting concluded with the intention to answer Daniel's question in the next session, as time was short. Overall, this meeting is useful for web developers, especially those using WeWeb and dealing with link tokens, dynamic path pages and website alerts.

(Source: Office Hours 4/25 )

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