Troubleshooting Webflow and Wiz Interaction Issues for Website Development

In this meeting, the State Changers, David and Bailey, encountered an issue with a recurring group disappearing in Whistland. They surmise that the problem could be an incorrect setup between Wizd and Webflow. They proceed to debug the issue by checking the header, body tags and other settings. They delete WIS code and replace it with an embed code from Wizd.

After successfully applying the new code, they proceed onto debugging the disappearing group issue. They discover multiple containers, pointing to possible complications. Bailey even takes control to perform some tests. Throughout the debugging process, they manage to render specific data and ensure rendering of all content first before organizing it within a slider. They encounter a mysterious issue of the content disappearing when connected. Despite their debugging efforts, they are unable to solve this issue within the meeting. For possible solutions, they propose to start from scratch by clearing all code and illustrations from Webflow, starting with the home page, and to see if that resolves the issue. The tools mentioned include Webflow, Wizd and Xano. The meeting ends with Bailey offering to send David an email with links for more assistance. In conclusion, this meeting focused on debugging an issue with a disappearing group in Whistland, speculated to be resulting from a setup issue between Wizd and Webflow. The issue remained unresolved by the meeting's end, and further debugging was proposed for a future session.

(Source: Office Hours 12/15 )

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