Troubleshooting Webflow API Issues and Implementing Pagination in Xano

The meeting primarily focused on the issues and solutions in syncing Xano, Webflow, and UploadCare. The main issues were the challenge with fields matching up due to the API adding additional characters to the field names, the inability of the POST command to push into Webflow, and the difficulty in managing and deleting unwanted images across different databases.

To address the issue of fields not matching, the State Changers considered adjusting field names in Xano to match those in Webflow. On the problem of the POST command not working, they discussed checking for error messages, republishing the site and the proper sequencing of changes in Xano and Webflow. Discussions around image management considered creating a function in Xano for deleting the image data from Xano, Webflow, and UploadCare simultaneously. However, concerns were mentioned about features becoming unmanageable with high image volumes. Another significant portion of the conversation was spent on improving the user experience for browsing artworks. Here, separating the random 'shake and skip' view and the filtered browse view on two different pages was suggested. This proposal aimed to simplify each functionality and address the challenge of allowing efficient exploration of the data while preserving the randomness. The meeting concluded with the State Changers expressing their anticipation towards working with Foxy IO for sales functionality in the near future, signaling a shift into addressing more transaction-focused aspects of the project.

(Source: Office Hours 8/24 )

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