Troubleshooting Webflow Card Population and Search Query Issues

The State Changers had a technical deep-dive meeting that revolved around debugging code written in JavaScript for a web page built with Webflow. They faced a problem in which data pulled from a network request was not being utilized properly to fill a template card with information. The data collected from a search query was not populating into their bubble, and some weird characters were appearing during inspection.

The central issue was related to the improper use of jQuery to populate fields on the template card with data from a network request. The State Changers chose to use console.log to diagnose the loop capturing the data when entering the search query. From that analysis, they found that the data necessary was available but wasn't appropriately feeding into their system. The major part of the problem seemed to be related to naming conventions. A few terms were used interchangeably, like class and ID, which contributed to the confusion. By using the JavaScript inspector and console log, they noticed an error regarding identifier naming that affected the functionality of the code. They then cross-verified this with the HTML embed. In particular, they noticed a discrepancy where identifiers were named with underscores in the JavaScript but Webflow changed them to dashes. The meeting ended with the understanding that the naming conventions and copy-pasting of code needed to be fixed, yet more complex layout issues remained to be addressed later. Overall, the main focus of the meeting was on debugging and fixing errors related to web development using JavaScript and Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 11/11 )

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