Troubleshooting Webflow Filters and Attributes Implementation

The State Changers held a meeting to discuss problems with setting up filter attributes in the Webflow application. The focus of the discussion was to resolve the issue where the user was unable to filter the product list by date and age successfully. The team wanted to understand how the data from the radio button matched the fields. Hence, the meeting participants walked through the current setup process in Webflow while making note of the Finswit attributes implemented on the platform.

The prominent issue raised and discussed in the meeting is related to Webflow; however, the team had also intended to involve other interface tools and platforms in future meetings to validate the product list filtering. Currently, the user can fill the radio button, but no filtering action is triggered. Unclear was how it matches the data between the radio button and fields. This situation identified the need for an in-depth session on this topic. The team concluded to reconvene the following day to continue scrutinizing and resolving the issue at hand after some independent study and preparation on the topic.

(Source: Office Hours 5/8 )

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