Troubleshooting Webflow Form and Multistep.js Integration Issues

This was a technical meeting between the State Changers focused on troubleshooting a form issue on a web platform. The form was functioning well previously and unexpectedly started malfunctioning, resulting in an inability to access it. Participants delved into the developer tools to identify potential causes, such as syntax errors and incorrect URL notices, and noted unusual behavior, such as the form remembering prior input.

The issue was identified to be linked with a possible conflict between a multi-step aspect of the form and a feature referred to as 'field input', which appeared to auto-populate the form fields in an undesired way. The conflict was partially resolved by clearing out local storage in the browser developer tools, which seemed to reset the form and resolve the conflict temporarily. Platforms mentioned were Webflow, and Wist, but a solution was not established. The meeting concluded with ideas for further exploration: the need to determine where 'field input' is coming from, options to prevent the multi-step feature from affecting the form data, and the consideration of using a different third-party form provider to circumvent these problems.

(Source: Office Hours 5/4 )

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