Troubleshooting Webflow Form Submission to Xano with JavaScript

In the meeting, the State Changers were debugging a form submission issue on Webflow. They discussed the use of jQuery, a javascript library, for handling form submission. They identified that the form should submit data to Xano, but Xano was receiving GET requests instead of POST. The State Changer David provided live troubleshooting help throughout the interaction. The main challenge identified was a mismatch between the method attribute in the HTML form element and the method property in the JavaScript code. They found the error was in the line of the JavaScript code where method attribute was mistakenly written as post. After making this correction, the form submission started working correctly, sending POST requests to Xano, as desired. The team suggested taking screenshots of the code for future debugging attempts for better readability and easy understanding. The use of Webflow, Xano, jQuery, and JavaScript were paramount to the debugging step in the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 2/13 )

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