Troubleshooting Webflow Page Loading Issues and Font Failures

The State Changers in this meeting discussed challenges with implementing code changes to a website. They focused on debugging an issue with a Webflow slider on the homepage which stopped loading images that were supposed to be populated by Xano. Although the code seemed to run, it was not altering the images as expected. The code involved identifiers like "SLD IMG" and jQuery functions.

To investigate the issue, they used browser's developer tools, specifically the inspector and console. By digging deeper, they deduced the icons that weren't displaying were due to a failure to load a font. Also, they discovered that expected changes were not being reflected possibly due to multiple identifiers with the same name ("SLD IMG") in the code. The meeting highlighted the complexity of mixing no-code tools like Webflow with custom JavaScript code, requiring careful investigation and debugging when issues arise. Suggestions for resolution included a deeper investigation of the code and the webpage structure. The State Changers seemed to find the debugging process challenging but innovative. Keywords Mentioned: Webflow, Xano, jQuery, SLD IMG, script tag.

(Source: Office Hours 7/18 )

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