Troubleshooting WeWeb and Google Maps Autocomplete Integration Issues

This was an extensive technical troubleshooting meeting led by the State Changers where the team attempted to solve a problem concerning an auto-saving feature within "WeWeb". The issue was that even though the system stated that changes were saved automatically, these changes were not retained after a page refresh.

The team performed multiple tests such as testing whether the issue stemmed from having multiple instances of the program open, trying different refresh methods, copying the problematic object, and ensuring the correct IDs were used. They also checked if the right page loader was used and if all elements were loading correctly. To troubleshoot deeper, they used development tools to review error messages and debug their code. Another problem discussed within the meeting was the inability to retrieve information from Google Maps through the 'get place' command within the Google API. The team concluded they needed further investigation to resolve this issue. Other platforms mentioned in the meeting included "Xano", where debugging an integration process between "WeWeb" and "Xano" was attempted but was not the main focus of the meeting. Various other software terms and programming languages referenced include: JSON, JavaScript, and APIs. The meeting wrapped up with plans to resume their troubleshooting efforts in next week's meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 5/25 )

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