Troubleshooting Workflow and AppState Variables in FlutterFlow

The meeting of the State Changers was mainly focused on the troubleshooting and correction of a state update issue in FlutterFlow.

There was a problem noted where a change in the system was not being passed properly through an update state, namely in Action number 3 on their platform. Precisely, an under selection would not highlight, nor would it switch the respective variables 'over' to 'false' and 'under' to 'true'. The group attempted to debug this by looking at the inner Action 4 and exploring the AppState variable. In an attempt to fix this, they added additional snack bars (used as debug points) to check the Workflow, and inspect both 'Selection' and 'Selections' variables after the update. They suspected that the issue could stem from the fact the objects were just pointers, and if modified, the change won't register. The problem was narrowed down further to an issue lying with the mutation of items within a selection, rather than the replacement of the selection items themselves. They attempted to use a JSON dot encode to transform the variable, to get a better understanding, but faced technical difficulties. By the end of the meeting, the team didn't produce an immediate solution but garnered enough information to research it further and seek help from the forum. The meeting revolved around complex troubleshooting of FlutterFlow; thus it can be beneficial for users interested in FlutterFlow troubleshooting, understanding state updates, and the usage of snack bars for debugging.

(Source: Office Hours 5/26 )

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