Troubleshooting Workflow Problems with Xano: Function Calls and Text Processing

In the State Changer meeting, the participants discussed if-then statements and text transformation in a specific workflow problem. The conversation revolved around the programming and debugging of two main issues in their project that uses Xano.

The first issue pertained to an if-then statement that was not working as intended, due to an error involving the conversion of a response status into an integer. The problem lay with their transformation API call and the way it was called in the function. The response status from their API call was being directly turned into an integer rather than fetching the status first and then converting it into an integer. Using a 'Get' and '2 Int' function, their issue was resolved which correctly converted the response status into an integer. The second issue involved trimming an array of information. Understanding and manipulating the structure of the output was the primary challenge, and it was noted that the extra comma was part of the overall object, not the string itself. They suggested copying the output into a text editor to understand how it is formatted better, realizing that the text string started and ended within the object, not with the additional comma. The State Changer meeting concluded with both problems addressed successfully, highlighting their adeptness at identifying and troubleshooting workflow issues using Xano services.

(Source: Office Hours 1/20 )

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