Troubleshooting Xano and Bubble Integration for Inventory and Applications Management

In the meeting, the State Changers focused on developing an inventory application that uses the "Bubble" and "Xano" platforms. Concepts discussed included "edit" and "post" actions relating to record management. This involved:

1. Acquiring data from a 'get single record' call in Bubble when an edit action is triggered. As it was stated, the record ID could be passed to the popup editor through a state variable. The main challenge here was identifying which record ID belongs to each row, especially with multiple vendors. 2. The Xano database was presented, focussing on relevant record ID usage. The downloaded data from Xano then prefilled the pop-up bubble. 3. The meeting explored the functionality to modify the prefilled data and then save it. This action would run a 'post' in Xano to update the referred record ID with the new information. 4. Lastly, it was highlighted that the updated data should then refresh on the Bubble side of the repeating group. The sequence of events for this functionality: pulling from the state, displaying, and pressing save, would trigger a workflow that uses the 'post' request back into Xano, thereby editing the vendor information. Throughout the session, the participants also mentioned some potential issues with 'WeWeb'.

(Source: Office Hours 9/20 )

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