Troubleshooting Xano and FlutterFlow Push Notifications for Finance App Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed issues related to push notifications with FlutterFlow and building a finance app on Xano. They delved into a specific issue that one of the participants was facing: an error message that appeared when attempting to set up push notifications on their app. This error was associated with image notifications and required selecting a development team in the signing and capabilities editor for Xcode.

Despite following FlutterFlow's YouTube tutorial on setting up push notifications, the participant was still encountering the error and was unsure of how to proceed. After sharing their screen to showcase the issue, a thorough walk-through ensued. The team discussed app identifiers, capabilities, and adding certificates. It was suggested that the problem might be with setup in the Sandbox environment rather than the production environment. In the course of troubleshooting, they discovered that the "Notification" permission wasn't enabled in the app's details. This setting was required to allow the app to send push notifications. The explanation for permissions is expected to provide users with reasons why the app needs these permissions upon installation - for example, regarding location services, it should explain the legality and necessity of the app knowing the user's location. Towards the end of the meeting, one of the State Changers decided to make adjustments and tries to resubmit in order to see if this resolves the issues. The specific tools discussed during this session were Xano, FlutterFlow, and some mention of Apple's IDE, Xcode.

(Source: Office Hours 8/28/2023 )

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