Troubleshooting Xano and Front-end Integration

During the meeting, the following key points were discussed:

1. The participant mentioned that they would like to use a specific front end and have Zana receive inputs that are already there. 2. They reviewed the current state of Zeno, which has a back end that receives artwork ID and the like status from the front end. 3. The suggestion was made to make Zana pay attention to artwork ID and like status instead of a variable called data. 4. They discussed how to add artwork ID and like status as inputs in the function stack by creating an integer and boolean variable, respectively. 5. It was clarified that what Zano hears and what is used in the front end do not have to be the same. The front end was sending artwork ID and like status, but the function stack was not making use of them because they were not defined as inputs. 6. The participant was advised to run a test using the updated inputs and check the variables recorded in the request history in Zano. This would allow them to use the correct variables in their function stack. 7. The participant realized that the variable called data was not necessary and could be removed, as Zano was only receiving artwork ID and like status as inputs. 8. The participant expressed satisfaction with the clarification and confirmed that they can proceed with implementing the changes discussed. 9. A separate discussion started about dynamic length for authentication, specifically regarding dynamic links. 10. The participant requested input from other team members, including Daniel, and mentioned an additional topic they would like to present for sanity checking.

(Source: Office Hours 3/7 )

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