Troubleshooting Xano API and Payment Method Connection Issues

This meeting involved the State Changers troubleshooting a potentially trivial issue with Xano's REST API implementation. The problem they encountered was that the same payment card number produced different results when tested in MailMe and Xano, despite the same exact parameters being used.

They attempted to identify differences in the input data between both systems but didn't initially find any discrepancies. Additionally, the ID token, content type, and acceptance parameters were validated and found to be the same. The eureka moment was when they noticed that the URL used in the Xano implementation was slightly different from the one they were using in their test case. The solution suggested was to replace the initial URL with the corrected "v2" version. Also, there was mention of potentially having created multiple payment methods with the same information, which is a point they decided to look into going forward. In conclusion, the meeting was about diagnosing an issue related to payment data handling between two systems, with the key discovery being a minute difference in the API URL being used. Future troubleshooting techniques discussed involved ensuring the same parameters and validating unique constraints in the payment methods.

(Source: Office Hours 6/21 )

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