Troubleshooting Xano API Functions and Database Queries During Coding Session

This meeting was among the State Changers who were discussing how to troubleshoot and improve certain functions on their Xano platform. The key points of the discussion involved iterating over records and using the API request to fetch data from a "Matrix" table. A bug that was stopping the function at eighteen records instead of the expected one hundred forty-four was also discussed.

They went through concepts such as setting up 'Stop and Debug' points to trace how the system reacts at each step, working with dynamic and static paths and values, and pagination to control the number of records returned by an API. One participant also shared their approach towards implementing a password reset functionality using Xano. They generated a six-digit reset code, updated the user's password reset code, and were figuring out how to handle an external API request using SendGrid. Key insights shared in this meeting were how to deal with dynamic and static paths and values, the practice of using 'Stop and Debug' for better understanding of the functions in Xano, handling API requests in Xano, cleanliness of code, and error handling with APIs. The tools that were mentioned include Xano, SendGrid, and external API platforms. The main functions that were discussed included the use and troubleshooting of APIs, code generation, value settings, and interaction with databases in Xano. The meeting concluded with each of the participants expressing interest in testing the solutions discussed during the meeting and bringing any additional queries or issues to the forum or the following office hours session.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4/2023 )

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