Troubleshooting Xano Authorization in Wiz

Participants in the meeting: Evan (State Changer) and Alicia (State Changer)

- Evan discussed his current project and mentioned that he shipped the last iteration but needed some refreshers on certain aspects. - Alicia suggested making a Loom video to explain the project in more detail since it was late at night for Evan. - Evan agreed to make a Loom video and mentioned that the usual 6 PM Eastern time would be more suitable for him. - Evan mentioned that he needed help authorizing himself inside Wizzed because he didn't want to break anything in his production-level app. - Alicia suggested creating a function in Xano to generate an access token for Evan. - Alicia guided Evan through the process of creating the function in Xano. - Evan showed some confusion regarding how to use the access token in Wizzed. - Alicia suggested manipulating the cookies in Wizzed to set the required authorization token. - Evan attempted to set the cookie in Wizzed but encountered some issues. - Alicia suggested trying to refresh the page in Wizzed to see if the changes took effect. - Evan tried to refresh the page but encountered an "unauthorized" error. - Alicia and Evan examined the error message and discovered that the authorization header was missing in the request. - They discussed possible solutions to the issue and considered modifying the code in Wizzed to include the required authorization header. - They tried different approaches, but were unable to get the desired result within the meeting time. - Alicia suggested further exploration and research to find a solution, and they agreed to continue working on it in future office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 7/14 )

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