Troubleshooting Xano background task and scraping issues

In this meeting, the State Changers are discussing two issues. The first is scraping information from an Airbnb reservation email. They want to extract the reservation ID and amount dynamically. However, they are encountering difficulties in getting the actual amount. The solution suggested is to use a scraping service like Parseur or hire a service provider to handle the scraping for them.

The second issue is related to a background task in Xano. The background task is running a function that works fine when executed individually but fails when scheduled. The task is not inserting values into the database as expected. They discuss the issue and make a suggestion for logging the API response to troubleshoot further. Overall, the State Changers are seeking guidance on these issues and are open to finding solutions outside of Xano, such as using external scraping services or third-party service providers.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3 )

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