Troubleshooting Xano Code Errors Using Audit Logs

In this meeting, State Changers discussed a problem pertaining to Xano. The participant experiencing the problem was encountering an error within Xano with no error code and no message, essentially a blank error. The problem was occurring despite efforts to counter it by checking if the record existed before editing.

The discussion centered around a need for an audit log to trace the issue, and employ a technique to diagnose issues when they occur within loops. The group suggested an internal function with the right fields to log the action taking place during the error, and run it in bulk until the error recurred. This logging of particular data points helped in isolating the problem and identifying the exact point of workflow where it was happening. State Changers also discussed adding more record audit logs to gain more insights about the behavior of other variables in the function. Furthermore, they considered if the issue might potentially be elsewhere due to the function not completing its loop, causing only a quarter of the data to be processed. This necessitated the throwing of additional ad records after different stages of the function call process to see where it ends up terminating. The overall technique of using audit logs and ad records for debugging and tracing errors was emphasized as a recurring pattern, helpful for diagnosing issues across various platforms. The meeting ended with the participant set to implement the suggested solutions. Keywords mentioned: Xano, databases, debugging, audit logs, ad record, function calls, error tracing, and loops.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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