Troubleshooting Xano CSV Table Import and Schema Implementation

The meeting involved the State Changers troubleshooting issues faced during the implementation of the Xano meta API in their project. The discussion focused on how to import data from a CSV file and create a table based on the data. They encountered a 400 error due to the validation of schema parameters being sent. This led to a deep examination of the parameters being sent, the nature of the data, their adopted approach, and the provided Xano documentation.

A notable finding was that certain parameters were being sent as words instead of their required formats. Furthermore, three fields namely 'ID', 'created_at', and 'name' were identified to be mandatory in the schema for successful implementation. Tools like Swagger documentation and CSV to code were utilized for testing and validation. However, even after correcting parameters and applying mandatory fields in the schema, some issues persisted. One suggestion was to add fields one by one instead of all at once, as the system seemed not to correctly process multiple additions. Based on this, it seems that certain text encoding issues may be the cause, with a suggestion to strip higher characters or add slashes to avoid potential disruptions. The meeting concluded with a commitment to further investigate and find a suitable solution. Keywords mentioned include: Xano, CSV, API, schema, validation, Swagger documentation, parameters.

(Source: Office Hours 7/3/2023 )

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