Troubleshooting Xano Function Errors and Cache Issues

The State Changers had a technical meeting to debug an error encountered while running a loop in their project. They used a tool referred to as "Zano" in their workflow. A key issue was the lack of clarity of error messages being displayed, making it difficult to identify the cause. The error seemed to be related to variables and their input references in the "for each" loop starting from line number six.

One assumption made was that "Zano" might be referencing a cached version, potentially leading to inconsistent outcomes. A recommended solution was to clone the function and use the new version, hopefully bypassing any cached data, thus eliminating the ongoing problem. The team also considered disabling and reenabling the task to possibly clear any cached versions. Despite the debugging efforts, the team couldn't resolve the issue during the meeting. Further investigation is needed, possibly involving steps to better clarify error messages and to understand the root cause of the problem.

(Source: Office Hours 11/15 )

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