Troubleshooting Xano's Integration with Postmark for Password Reset Functionality

The meeting involved a walkthrough for State Changers on how to interface Xano with Postmark for sending out password reset emails. Carrie, a member of the State Changers, was having trouble navigating through the integration process. She had set up a template and had a magic link already generated but was unsure how to proceed further. Through the screen sharing session, she receives guidance on how to have her Xano endpoint send the magic link information over to Postmark, using CURl commands to send post requests.

Some vital steps that came up included: 1. The need for an External API call setup in Xano. 2. Proper usage of the CURL import feature, in which a script from Postmark was imported into Xano. 3. Modifying the generated Xano CURL script - replacing placeholders with dynamic data like the magic link and user email. 4. Ensuring that the sender email address to be used was verified by Postmark to prevent request rejection. The session successfully ends with Carrie receiving a test password reset email through her setup, effectively overcoming her last hurdle before launching her application. The meeting provided an insightful guide on Xano-Postmark integration for password reset functionality.

(Source: Office Hours 1/24 )

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