Troubleshooting Xano Tutorials and Discussing Transition to React for Web Development

The State Changers' meeting focused on solving a layout problem in their web application. They were using the "Xano" platform, and a significant part of the discussion hinged on a box toggle and submission list of components. The primary issue being that the components were ending up at the bottom of the records rather than being integrated with the correct submission, despite following Xano's tutorials.

Set Attribute was utilized to set the attribute of the submission wrapper, yet problems arose due to a grid nested in the submission wrapper. Elements were created with the same ID, leading to an unorganized layout. The main function of the code action was on line fifty five where the data they created was appended to a components container. However, this was causing everything to show up at the bottom as the components container was not a child element, leading to confusion. The discussion led to identifying a flaw in the code - using "get element" instead of "create element" and setting the same ID to multiple elements on the page, which goes against HTML rules. A potential solution proposed was to create a new div that holds other divs instead of a grid. They observed the need to copy (or clone) these divs with certain classes applied rather than referencing and placing them in a specific location. This approach would be congruent to more contemporary web development, which is declarative and uses frameworks such as React or Vue.js. The State Changers recommended using such more advanced models for dynamic apps, like WeWeb (which is a visual builder for Vue.js), instead of a web page builder like Webflow to bridge the gap often filled by custom JavaScript. The meeting also highlighted the importance of not just learning the basics of JavaScript but also making use of more advanced tools for a faster, less error-prone development. The benefit of this approach would be to go from being ordinary to being exceptional in developing their app. Towards the end of the meeting, the possibility of transitioning to React was mentioned and left open for further discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 4/3 )

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