Troubleshooting Zano Endpoints and Display Issues in WeWeb

The State Changers meeting was centered around a technical issue the team was experiencing with Zano endpoints when used in conjunction with WeWeb. The issue observed is that while updates to line items return with several add ons in Postman and the internal Zano debugger, they are not transferred to WeWeb. Interestingly, the add ons were present when switching to making the request to the server, hinting at the discrepancies being potentially related to the client-side versus server-side operations.

The team examined the WeWeb setup for the particular request, with both client-side and server-side requests being tested. Through the use of browser dev tools, it was confirmed that the data was indeed coming through on the client-side, leading to the conclusion that the issue might be primarily related to a display issue in WeWeb. The State Changers did not arrive at a concrete solution within the meeting, but they generated valuable insights that could be presented to WeWeb for further troubleshooting. An avenue for investigation may include why certain data pulls down but does not store within the WeWeb workflow. Another point to consider could be the management of add ons, as the problem might stem from these auxiliaries either being recently added or mistakenly included within Zimweb's internal operations. Keywords that were mentioned in the meeting: Zano, WeWeb.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4 Early )

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