Troubleshooting Zano Integration and JSON Errors: A Step-by-step Approach

The State Changers had a meeting that primarily focused on debugging an issue with a JSON function in Xano. One of the participants had troubles reconfiguring a command, and a JSON error had occurred. Upon diving deeper into the problem, it was identified that the error stemmed from an incorrect setting in the input URL, specifically a blank 'method' field. They inferred that the method field could be meant for actions like 'get', 'post', or 'put'. During the discussion, an observation was made about Xano's lack of validation compared to Zapier, which was seen as both a potential benefit and risk. Finally, they managed to rectify the error. The meeting highlights the difficulty with minor details, the comparison of validation between Xano and Zapier, and finally, the solution to the issue.

(Source: Office Hours 8/10 )

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