Understanding and Handling Checkbox and Radio Button Inputs in Wized

In this meeting, the participants discussed an issue with pushing checkbox and radio button information from a multistate form in a website to a post endpoint in Xano through Wized. The person hosting the meeting was having trouble handling the checkbox and radio button inputs and wanted to know how to handle them, especially when there are multiple options. They discussed the possibility of creating different IDs for each option and sending them all to Xano, then using Xano to manipulate the data into a single array. They also mentioned that front ends are not good at data manipulation and that back ends are better suited for this task. They recommended separating the problem into two parts: getting information from Wized into Xano and then wrangling that information into the desired format for the database. They suggested sending all the options across and using Xano's request history to see what information was sent and how it can be used to determine the user's choices. They agreed to continue working on this and discuss it further in a future meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 4/11 )

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