Understanding Error Handling and Efficient Usage of Webflow in JavaScript Development

The State Changers had a thorough discussion on various coding topics, primarily focusing on the use of window load or document load in web development using the platform Webflow. They clarified that in Webflow, the higher level object to use for invoking functions when a page loads is Webflow, not Window or Document. This allows functions to get invoked after Webflow has fully loaded via the Webflow push base.

They also dove into error handling in JavaScript, specifically, the proper use of 'try catch' blocks for handling possible errors during code execution. One notable highlight from the conversation is that 'try catch' can't capture all types of errors, such as HTTP 500 errors and that they are more effective when used locally and with precision in code. They also reminded that separate functions should be handled individually with each having its own 'try catch' block for better error handling. The importance of assessing the returning results before moving on with logic was highlighted using an async function as an example. This is because not all error situations will throw an error strong enough for a try catch block to detect. The discussion ended with a teaser for future topics, such as Xano error handling and the path towards getting an app on the App Store.

(Source: Office Hours 5/2 )

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