Understanding Google Calendar Integration for Xano: API, Access Keys, and Availability

In this meeting, the participants discussed the integration of Google Calendar with Xano, and how to fetch availability from the coaches' calendars. They mentioned using different APIs and code for this purpose. The participants also talked about the need to handle parameters and errors in the API requests.

They discussed different approaches to handle availability, including using working hours and managing already scheduled events. They mentioned the possibility of sending iCal attachments through emails to users. The participants also discussed the complexity of the feature and advised prioritizing either integrating with Google Calendar or keeping it internal based on what makes sense and can be implemented quickly. They highlighted the importance of understanding and resolving errors in the API requests and mentioned sharing and discussing them offline. They also touched upon the concept of free/busy and how it can be used to display availability to users in the Flutter app. The meeting concluded with the facilitator checking in with another participant's progress and inviting others to ask their questions.

(Source: Office Hours 4/14 )

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