Understanding Stripe Integration and User Authentication for Subscriptions

In this meeting, the participants discuss setting up a database to track subscriptions and trial periods using the Stripe API. They explore how to retrieve information about subscription states and trial end dates from Stripe and save it in their own database. They also discuss the concept of sessions in Stripe, which are created when a user opens the checkout page. The status of the session indicates whether the payment has been made, but it does not provide information about the subscription status. To determine if a subscription is active, an additional API call is required. They consider using webhooks and background tasks to update subscription status without making frequent API calls during user authentication. The meeting also touches on managing long-lived authentication tokens and forcing a logout for users whose trial period has ended. The participants suggest adding a check to ensure that the user has paid before allowing access. They advise using relatively short-lived access tokens to maintain security. Finally, they discuss keeping relevant subscription information in the database and considering whether to rely on Stripe as the source of truth for subscription data or retrieve data from Stripe only when necessary for performance optimization.

(Source: Office Hours 3/13 )

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