Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Xano for Vertical and Horizontal Scaling in Modern Gambling Applications

In this meeting, the participants discussed the modern challenges faced by gambling applications, particularly the rise of micro betting. They explored the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases and how they impact data normalization and storage efficiency. The focus was on the benefits of using Xano, a PostgreSQL-centered model that combines the strengths of both SQL and NoSQL databases. They highlighted the importance of referential integrity and the ability to handle complex data structures. The participants also discussed the scalability and performance concerns related to joining tables in a relational database. They mentioned that both SQL and NoSQL databases are moving towards a middle ground, with systems like DynamoDB and MongoDB introducing referential integrity features, while SQL databases like PostgreSQL are incorporating document models. Xano was mentioned as a platform that provides the benefits of PostgreSQL with advanced features like JSON, object, and array data types. The discussion concluded that, for most use cases, the choice between SQL and NoSQL databases would have minimal impact.

(Source: Office Hours 4/27 )

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