Unpacking and Understanding Purchased Code for HVAC Pricing Calculator Project Using WeWeb and Xano

The State Changers' meeting revolved around an attempt to understand, and possibly replicate, a calculator system built using code from a company worth $3 million. The system consists of backend and frontend components, with the frontend appearing to be a widget or website. The backend code seems to be associated with Laraval, a PHP frontend integration system.

Since the database setup was not clear, one solution agreed upon was that it's likely a frontend questionnaire with inputs coming from users. The calculator system seems to serve as a tool to price HVAC components based on inputs from users answering a set of questions. The system takes this information and returns a quote. Using WeWeb and Xano, the State Changers thought about trying to replicate the system's functionality using no-code solutions. They also discussed trying to understand the logic of how the system works by getting it to run locally, but noted that this would require learning about Laravel, Node.js, PHP, and possibly Docker. It was also suggested to reach out to the original developer for better understanding. Keywords mentioned in the meeting include: Xano, WeWeb, Laravel, PHP, Docker, Node.js, and JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 8/16/2023 )

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