Updating Meeting Data Dynamically without Reloading the Page

In this meeting, the participants discussed a problem with dynamically updating a list of meeting dates without reloading the page. The teacher wanted to be able to add new dates and have them immediately appear on the page without refreshing. The suggestion was made to use a callback to trigger an API call to fetch the new meeting dates. It was advised to wait for the data to be loaded before triggering the next action. They discussed adding a condition to wait until the data has been refreshed. The process of creating an action that listens for data updates from the backend was explained. The idea was to chain actions together so that when a new date is created, the action to reload the dates is triggered. The goal was to dynamically change the value on the page when there is a new call, updating the front-end with the latest data from the backend. The participants agreed to try implementing this approach and discuss the results later.

(Source: Office Hours 5/10 )

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