Using Functions and Aggregates to Update Campaign Conversion Counts

In this meeting, the participants discussed a method for updating conversion counts on a campaign. They proposed cycling through each conversion and tallying up the related campaigns. They also shared a best practice of not writing code directly into a background task, but rather creating a separate function and having the background task call the function for better testability and flexibility. They discussed using a function called "date update campaign conversion count" to aggregate conversions by campaign ID. They demonstrated how to create this function and run it to get the total number of conversions by campaign. They then explained how to iterate through these results and update the corresponding campaign records. They encountered a data quality issue with a campaign ID of zero and attempted to resolve it. Finally, they discussed integrating the function with a background task for recurring updates. The meeting ended with the participants addressing a user's concern about handling a calendar and attempting to share their screen for further assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 3/22 )

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