Using Xano and Weweb to Extract and Manipulate Address Data

In this meeting, the participants discuss a solution for integrating Google Maps data with a web app. They mention the need to use action flows and custom JavaScript to handle property addresses, specifically the onchange event. They also discuss the importance of adding a window.doLoad function and making sure the correct references and scripts are used.

The participants mention that they want to retrieve and manipulate data from Google Maps and send it to the Zano database. They go through the process of setting up the necessary fields and endpoints and demonstrate how the data can be sent from Weweb to Zano. They discuss the possibility of further manipulating the data in Zano and creating variables for specific data fields, such as the address. They mention the need for text manipulation to properly format the address and suggest working on this in future iterations. Overall, the meeting focuses on integrating Google Maps data into the web app and using Zano to store and manipulate the data. The participants demonstrate the steps involved and suggest further actions for refining the process.

(Source: Office Hours 5/26 )

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